Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Recycled Can - IQCG March 2016

"An old tin trash, some ropes and paint , a slight stroke of art and then nothing's the same"
Turning trash to treasure has always been fascinating and been planning on creating art from the domestic trash.

There is always plenty around if you know where to look.

Fortunately I did not have to look too far away and I decided to do something with a tin can, a can of Indian sweet meats which are popular during auspicious ceremonies.

The inspiration was derived from the ornate patterns on a traditional saree, an Indian drape, worn by females during these auspicious ceremonies and occasions.

I then began to elaborate on the design and work out the finer details trying to keep it simple yet classy and adhering to the brief for the challenge - Recycling 

Played with the textures of materials, contrasting colors and opposing finishes.
The coarse texture of the rope imparts a matt finish to the black paint and floral patterns quilled in golden paper finished off with a tiny bit of bling. Result is a beautiful can that can be used as a coin/money box, stationary box, accessory box and anything that you can think of :-)

Here's a look at some pictorial steps that I captured while creating this can :

1) Tied the jute(burlap) rope around the can

2) Painted in black acrylic paint

3) Added the quilled embellishments. The quilled embellishments are mostly tight coils and husked items. Finished the project with some blings.

Hope everyone likes this

Join us for this month IQCG Challenge March 2016 - Recycle/Upcycle and have fun creating wonderful something's out of nothing's